Medical Students

Temple House has been a training practice since Sept 2014. We have medical students who are in their 1st and 3rd year of their medical training with Bristol University.
You may find these doctors in training sitting in with your own doctor consultations for teaching or assessment purposes. These remain confidential at all times. Reception will inform you at the time of booking, whether a medical student will be present, and will request your consent. If you wish to decline, please feel free to inform a member of the staff.

As trainee doctors, the students are bound by the same confidentiality rules as all members of the Health Care team.

The students often find their time in General practice as the most useful and interesting part of their medical course and we are very grateful to the patients who participate in this. Again if you would prefer not to do so on any occasion, please feel free to say so. There is no obligation.

Once a year in September we also have a student nurse in their 3rd year of training, from UWE, on placement with the practice nurses. Again, these students are bound by the same confidentiality rules.

The students love working in general practice and learn a lot of valuable skills whilst with us. If you would prefer the student nurse not to be in your consultation with the nurse, please let the receptionist know.